Automatic Pill Dispenser MedControl

Automatic Pill Dispenser DoseControl

Automatic Pill Dispenser DoseControl

Do you regulary refill a plastic pill dispenser of your grandmother, grandfather or relative who suffers memory problems, impaired vision or simply has to take many medications or pills at once AND:

• Very often forgets that the medicaments have to be taken

• Can not remember exactly which medicaments are to be taken

• Forgets that the tablets or medications have been already taken before and takes them for the second time or

• Take several doses at once

The automatic pill dispenser DoseControl
is an effective solution for problems with memory due to Dementia / Alzheimer, visual impairment or when taking high amounts of medications.

The automatic pill dispenser DoseControl eliminates errors in dosage of medication or tablets and thus protects your loved ones from worsening of their health conditiona!

You can order the automatic pill dispenser in Hungary directly on our English page here or you can use any of our European websites in various languages listed in our markets.





Based on the experience of many patients around the world, intelligent drug dispensers that warn of the need to take the medicine exactly as prescribed by a physician can have a direct impact on:


  • PATIENT TREATMENT EFFICIENCY due to regular use of medication
  • REDUCING COST COSTS - Reducing unwanted prolongation of treatment and unnecessary drug use
  • QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE Patient And At The Same Of The Caregivers - Focusing on other important moments of life without having to continually address the question forgot-we have not forgotten the cure


Pill dispensers with automatic pills dosage

Pill dispensers with automatic pills dosage

Medication dispenser with automatic dosing of medication:

a device comprising an automatic dispenser that self-dispenses the patient to be taken by the patient at a given time. The use of this device assumes active cooperation either by the patient himself or most often by his loved ones, who always fill the device with the necessary medicines (most often for 7 days).

An automatic medication dispenser is an extremely effective tool for elderly patients taking a large number of medicines, patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease, or other chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension and other diseases).

The major features of automatic pill dispensers:

  • The automatic electronic pill dispenser with alarm MedControl is perfect for your family members who suffer from memory, motoric disorders or impaired vision and who are supposed to take the multiple medications alone by themselves
  • The automatic medication dispenser MedControl significantly helps eliminate risk of errors when taking medication - overdosing, taking other medicines as ordered or simply forgetting to take them
  • The automatic pill box with alarm is designed especially for elderly patients who need to take a lot of medications and who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer's or other chronic disease, or those who just do not remember exactly how to take their medication

For more information please see Automatic Pill Dispenser DoseControl

Manual electronic pill dispensers

Manual electronic pill dispensers

In order to ensure effective organization of drug use throughout the day (most often intervals: morning, noon, evening and night), many patients and their loved ones use traditional plastic drug dispensers.

Today, more advanced electronic drug dispensers are already available on the market.

The electronic medicament dispenser, unlike the plastic, is complemented by an electronic device (timer, reminder with audible, vibration, or visual signal) that is rigidly coupled to the plastic medicament containing portion.

The electronic dosing patient always warns of the need to use the medicine at the exact time (hour and day), according to the programmed mode, thereby significantly reducing forgetfulness of drug use and thus increasing the effectiveness of treatment.
At the same time, if the patient does not use the medication over the warning, the device will constantly ask the patient for the need to take the medication until the patient uses the medication and confirms the use of the medication on the dispenser


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